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Mongol Studies at the Crossroads: Korean-French Perspectives

Workshop of the French-Korean research network on The Mongols and the Mongolian Studies – Places, Cultures, Societies, and Outer Worlds


Résumés des interventions (français/coréen)


Recently, Mongol Studies have received international attention and are actively engaged in worldwide academic exchanges and collective projects. Korea and France both have a long history of studying this region of the world, and up to now had few occasions to cooperate. The purpose of this workshop will be to help examine cross-cultural perspectives and identify new trends in Mongolian studies. This first encounter aims at starting a cooperation and federate a France-Korea network of specialists of Mongolia around common issues. It includes both senior and junior researchers as well as doctoral and master students, and values interdisciplinary research including history, anthropology, art history and linguistics.


Date : December 8 to 9, 2021, AM 9:00 to PM 1:00 (FT), PM 4:00 to 8:00 (KT)

Places : CNRS, France & CNU, Korea / videoconference

Speakers : Simon Berger, Isabelle Charleux, Matthieu Chochoy, Joobong Choi, Soyoung Choi, Sunah Choi, Frédéric Constant, Grégory Delaplace, Marie Favereau, Donghun Jung, In Uk Kang, Gulsen Kilci, Kyongna Kim, Seonhwa Lee, Isaline Saunier, Paehwan Seol

Organization : GSRL-CNRS-EPHE/PSL; Research Center of Chonnam National University (CNU), Institute of Archaeology, KU (Kyunghee University (KU) as a joint sponsor and partner)

Conference Coordinators : Paehwan Seol (paehwan@chonnam.ac.kr) et Isabelle Charleux (isacharleux@orange.fr)