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Surname: Shtyrkov

Name: Sergei

Function : anthropologist, researcher


contact : shtyrkov@gmail.com

ORCiD: 0000-0002-1664-3575


Research interests:

Anthropology of Religion; Nationalism Studies; Studies in Political Use of the Past (History and Cultural Heritage); Folk Narrative Studies;


Biography :

Sergei Shtyrkov joined EPHE – GSRL as a program PAUSE laureate in 2022. He completed his PhD in social anthropology at European University at St. Petersburg (Russia) and defended it in 2002 in the Russian State University of Humanities (Moscow). Since 1999 he taught at the European University at St. Petersburg introductory and advanced courses in social anthropology, anthropology of religion, ethnicity and nationalism studies and field methods in social sciences. He also had a position of a senior researcher at the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Russian Academy of Sciences) from 2003 to 2022.



Recent publications 



2021 : Religion, or the Ties of Piety (in Russian)

2012 : Historical legends on foreign invasion: the peasant narrative and mythology of landscape (based on material of North-East of Novgorod area) (in Russian)



2023 : “Fear and loathing in North Ossetia: how ethnic activism can turn into religious nativism.” Religion, State and Society (to be published in Spring 2023)

2022 : “Ирон хадзар (Ирон хæдзар) как элемент социальной инфраструктуры в современном североосетинском городе” [The Iron Khadzar as an Element of the Social Infrastructure in a Modern North Ossetian City] // Антропологический форум, 2022, n 55: 195–220. doi: 10.31250/1815-8870-2022-18-55-195-220.

2022 : “«Это, говорят, ваше местное место силы»: духовный туризм на Сейдозере глазами проводников по Кольскому полуострову [“This, They Say, is Your Local Place of Power”: Spiritual Tourism on Seydozerо through the Eyes of Guides on The Kola Peninsula]” // Антропологический форум, 2022, n 55:. 257–296. doi: 10.31250/1815-8870-2022-18-55-257-296. (with Aliona Davydova)

2021 : “Ossetian Ritual Feasts and Transpersonal Experience: Re-description of a Religion as a Religious Practice” // Journal of Ethnology and Folkloristics 15 (2): 74–88. DOI: 10.2478/jef-2021-0018

2016 : “«Церквушка над тихой рекой»: русское классическое искусство и советский пейзажный патриотизм” [“A Church over a Quiet River”: The Russian Classical Art and the Soviet Landscape Patriotism] // Этнографическое обозрение, 2016, №6. 44-57. 

2016 : “The Fight between Ases and Devas Runs through Our Whole Existence’: The Conspirological Imaginary of North Ossetian Intellectuals and the Search for Meaning in National History” // Forum for Anthropology and Culture, 2016. n. 12: 229-252.

2015 : “Orthodox Traditionalism in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania: The Ethnicization of Religion as the “Internal Mission” of the Russian Orthodox Church” // State, Religion and Church. 2(1): 75-105.



2020 : “”Thinking Spiritually” about the Last Tsar’s Murder: Religious Discourse and Conspiracy Theories in Late Soviet Russia.” In: Peter Deutschmann, Jens Herlth and Alois Woldan (Eds.), »Truth« and Fiction: Conspiracy Theories in Eastern European Culture and Literature. Bielefeld: transcript Verlag, 2020, 99-116.

2017 : “Ossetien und die Osseten” // Handbuch der Iranistik, Bd. 2, Ludwig Paul (Hg.), Reichert Verlag, Wiesbaden. 51 – 56.

2015 : “«Это наше исконно русское, и никуда нам от этого не деться»: предыстория постсоветской десекуляризации” [“That’s Our Truly Russian and There’s Nothing We Can Do with It”: The prehistory of Post-Soviet Desecularization] // Изобретение религии: десекуляризация в постсоветском контексте / науч. ред. Ж. В. Кормина, А. А. Панченко, С. А. Штырков. СПб.: Издательство Европейского университета в Санкт-Петербурге, 2015. 7-45 (with Jeanna Kormina)

2011 : “The Unmerry Widow: The Blessed Kseniia of Petersburg in Hagiography and Hymnography” // Holy Foolishness in Russia: New Perspectives. Edited by Priscilla Hunt and Svitlana Kobets. Bloomington: Slavica Publications. 281-304.

2011 : “Religious nationalism in contemporary Russia: the case of the Ossetian ethnic religious project” // Understanding Russianness (Routledge Advances in Sociology). Edited by Risto Alapuro, Arto Mustajoki, Pekka Pesonen. London: Routledge. 232-244.