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Stamford Hill by Levi Tazir – all rights reserved



Le 17 mars 2016, dans le cadre des echanges PSL – Université de Cambridge se tiendra le colloque :


Religion, social action & urban policy: London & Paris face to face




9:00-9:20 Welcome (tea & coffee)


9:20-10:00 Historical overview and comparison:

Keynotes: Prof Robert Tombs & Prof Philippe Portier

These talks will frame the comparative study and give context to the exchanges by discussing the role of religion in sustaining communities, comparing England with an established church, and France with its struggle around religion and laïcité.


10:00-12:00 Religious leadership & social action:

Since the fall-out from the Paris attacks and alongside the rise in nationalism across Europe, faith leaders have sought to improve community relations. This panel brings together practitioners and researchers to discuss the notion of interreligious encounter in relation to social action and its potential to generate constructive communication.


Leadership & social action: H. Gluck, Rabbi Stamford Hill / M. Bajrafil, Imam Ivry
Encounter & social action: D. Pinto, Researcher Ind. / S. Hathroubi, Activist FEU


Break for coffee 11:15-11:30 (after individual talks)

Chair: N. Gole, Academic EHESS / Discussant: A. Benveniste, Researcher Paris 8


12:15-13:15 Lunch


13:15-15:15 Secularism, faith and community:

While in London civil society is often openly infused with religious values, social initiative in Paris and its periphery is structured by laïcité. This panel explores these conceptions of state secularism and questions the realities of these ‘models’ within local urban contexts as ideas of class, race and religious identity increasingly intersect.

Laïcité & community (quarters): B. Gidley, Academic Birkbeck / A. Alimi, Barrister
Laïcité & workplace: E. Barthelemy, Dir. Mozaik RH /O. Kahn, Dir. Runnymede Trust

Chair: S. Cohen, Dir. Woolf Institute / Discussant: H. Karimi, Researcher Strasbourg


Break for tea & coffee 15:15-15:30


15:30- 17:30 Faith communities and local governance:

Faith and politics can clash when communities feel that it is desirable to take local governance into their own hands. For the closing panel, activists and academics will discuss local politics, community interaction and the boundaries of religious observance in secular life, particularly with regard to the notion of Trust.

Trust, Faith & governance: J. Siddiqi, Activist / P. Winicki, Consultant
Church & civil society: A. Artaud, Researcher GSRL / D. Barclay, Activist CTC

Chair: M. Cohen, Researcher CNRS / Discussant: S. Hussain, Academic Coventry


Registration required


Please e-mail se365@cam.ac.uk if you would like to attend.

GSRL/CNRS Pouchet, 56 Rue Pouchet, Paris, 75017


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