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Name : Zhanna (Jeanne)

Surname : Kormina

Function : anthropologist, researcher


contact : kormina.jeanne@gmail.com

ORCiD: 0000-0001-8447-5625


Research interests:

anthropology of religion, Orthodox Christianity, Evangelical Christians, desecularisation in Russia and post-Soviet space, pilgrimage, veneration of saints


Biography :

Zhanna Kormina joined EPHE – GSRL as a program PAUSE laureate in 2022. She completed her PhD in social/cultural anthropology at European University at St. Peterburg, Russia and defended it in 2000 in the Russian State University of Humanities (Moscow). Since 2003 she taught at the Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg introductory and advanced courses in social anthropology, anthropology of religion and ethnographic methods in social sciences. She also taught at universities of Eastern Finland, Penn State (USA) and Turin. Between 2003 and 2014 she served as the dean of Department of humanities at HSE.

She headed several collaborative research projects including “Marking the space religiously: a comparative study of the presence of the Russian Orthodox Church in Russia and France” (2019-2022). The project was conducted together with a French partner team headed by Detelina Tocheva (GSRL).  

Zhanna Kormina’s fellowships include Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin (2019-2020), Fulbright fellowship at CUNY, New York (2008-2009), KONE foundation fellowship at the Collegium for Advanced Studies, Helsinki (2004). In 2019-2022 she served as Book reviews editor in the journal of European Association of Social Anthropology – Social Anthropology / Anthropologie Sociale.



Recent publications 



2019 : Pilgrims. Ethnographies of Orthodox Nomadism (in Russian). Moscow: Higher School of Economics. Awarded by HSE as the best academic book of the year published in Russian, 2021



(in the process) (with Detelina Tocheva). “Marking Space Religiously”. Archives de sciences sociales des religions

2023 : (with Tsypylma Darieva). “Religious Activism in post-Socialist Space”. Religion, State and Society (to be published in spring 2023)

2022 : (with Sergei Shtyrkov and Ekaterina Khonineva). “Religious Infrastructures and Religious Materiality”. Antropologicheskii forum 55 (in Russian)

2020 : (with Angie Heo) “In memoriam of Sonja Luehrmann”. History and Anthropology 61 (2)

2019 : (with Angie Heo) “Religious and Borders in (Post)Cold-War Peripheries”. Special issue. The Journal of Religion 99 (1)



2023 : “Fervent Christians: Orthodox activists in Russia as publics and counterpublics. Religion, State and Society” (to be published in Spring 2023)

2022 : “The Tsar’s road: invisible infrastructure and pious labour in contemporary Russian Orthodox Christianity.” Antropologicheskii forum 55: 167–194.

2022 : (with Ekaterina Khonineva and Sergei Shtyrkov). “Martha’s ladle: an anthropology of religious infrastructure” (in Russian). Antropologicheskii forum 55: 9–27. 

2021 : ” “The Church Should know Its Place”: The Passions and the Interests of Urban Struggle in post-atheist Russia”. History and Anthropology 32(5): 574-595.

2020 : (with Vlad Naumescu) “A New ‘Great Schism’? Theopolitics of Communion and Canonical Territory in the Orthodox Church”. Anthropology Today 36(1): 7-11.

2019 : (with Angie Heo) “Religious and Borders in (Post)Cold-War Peripheries”. Introduction to Special Issue ed. by J. Kormina and A. Heo. The Journal of Religion 99(1): 1-17.

2018 : (with Sonja Luehrmann) “The Social Nature of Prayer in a Church of the Unchurched: Russian Orthodox Christianity From Its Edges”. Journal of the American Anthropology of Religion 86(2): 393-424.

2018 : ” “The Emperor Surveyed the City”: Surrealist Socialism and the Politics of Memory” (in Russian). Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie 152: 34-57.



2018 : “Inhabiting Orthodox Russia: Religious Nomadism and the Puzzle of Belonging”, in: S. Luehrmann (ed.) Praying with the Senses: Contemporary Orthodox Christian Spirituality in Practice. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. P. 143-162.